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Our focus is to provide added value to the customer in their process of making strategic decisions based on a broad and deep knowledge of the data. This takes the form, among others, with the following contributions:

Generating business: identifying new opportunities and market niches, design and launch of personalized offers, cross-selling actions, customer retention programs…

Cost savings: processes optimization, reengineering of resource allocation, reduction and targeting of marketing and advertising budgets, predictive stock management…


We are experts in Data Science, that is, treating a large volume of data, generated at high speed, with and without internal structure, through innovative tools, with real-time management as added value.

Our two main areas of work are:

1) Structured data (Quant Analysis), whose main application is in the areas of Business Intelligence companies.

2) Unstructured data in non-relational databases (Big Data)


  • Quantitative Data Analysis (BI) is critical in the overall strategy to make critical, relevant and operational decisions at all levels: Commercial, Marketing, Risk Management, Business Management…
  • Quantitative data analysis involves a series of complex and comprehensive processes that require a high degree of technical and scientific knowledge, and a great experience to obtain reliable and useful results.
  • PENTAQUARK solves quantitative analysis with all its mathematical models, establishing performance and control measurements, and making predictions of future parameters, providing the results in an easy way to understand, in a friendly and flexible environment for the changing needs of the customer.


  • All companies need to digest large information volumes of their own and of others, generated at high speed, for proper and effective management of business, managing strategies or improving processes. Also, often they must respond to this information in real time.
  • The information generated this way has no predefined structure, is very heterogeneous in origin and contains many “garbage data”, so its correct use involves a series of complicated steps and requires infrastructure and technical knowledge, as well as a great experience for filtering information and reaching strategic results.
  • PENTAQUARK uses the latest technology, combined with smarter oriented programming to extract all the value inherent in the internal and external information, to align it with the strategy of the company, being able to respond in real time on complex event processing.


One of the basic points of our philosophy is to fully adapt to the needs of our customers (Taylor Made). However, as an example, we gather here some of the areas where we can add value to our services, by analyzing structured or unstructured data.


  • Customer segmentation
  • Identifying new opportunities and market niches
  • Design deals and ad-hoc products for specific segments
  • Optimizing pricing structure
  • Facilitating cross selling and customer loyalty


  • Customer retention programs
  • Detection of customers’ flight/drain
  • Customer recovery actions
  • Market Modelling


  • Optimization of production processes and back-office, resources adequacy and dimensioning.
  • Optimization and development of complex reporting processes.
  • Reduction and adaptation of advertising and marketing costs.
  • Predictive stocks and orders’ management.


Noteworthy cost savings in Health Treatments for an insurance company.


To reduce an insurance company costs’ for the treatment of one of the most expensive diseases, using a forecast plan that analyzes patient data.


Epidemiologic data were analyzed from a Prone Patients’ Data Base. Predictive Testing in patients with that profile were recommended.


There was a 15% cost savings in the average Treatment of the patients group with the disease

Modelling Factors of Leakage Risk at Nuclear Power Stations.


To produce an automatic alarm system in Nuclear Power Stations for facing possible radioactive leakage, with the added difficulty of being a very low occurrence event.


Data from different physical parameters (pressure, temperature, etc.) were analyzed in nuclear power plants all over the World during a long period of time, analyzing the events that occurred.


An advanced, low failure model was designed and implemented, sensitive to small variations of the significant variables, and at the same time it controlled better the Risk and reduced the false alarms.

P&L Explain


Our client, a bank with presence in more than 40 countries, needed to contrast predictions of gains and losses with real P & L calculation data to keep control of their Treasury.


The results of all countries were integrated into a unique calculation, carried out at its headquarters, with “almost” real-time algorithms. Calculations with more than 1 million data were done at the same time.


Now the Bank has a daily control of the real value of the P & L, knowing the contribution of each business line. This allows the Bank to comply with the regulator and to orient their strategic decisions from this real, everyday knowledge on.


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