Optimization of marketing campaigns

The acquisition of new customers is an obstacle in increasingly competitive markets such as energy. Many times, the churn rate is a problem in the long term, so it is necessary to update marketing processes and continuous contact with customers. Our client, an important Spanish energy company, required an optimization of marketing campaigns by implementing a system that automated most of the process. A global solution was developed using the SAS Campaign tool, starting from a database of subscribers and potential clients. The results obtained allow those responsible for the Marketing area to elaborate the campaign objectives. Once the results of these campaigns have been obtained, an analytical process is developed to obtain the key variables.

The architecture developed allows the processes to be continuously improved. Thanks to the solution provided by Pentaquark, our client obtains a rate of return and recruitment of close to a thousand clients each year and with a clear upward trend, allowing to increase the offer with new products. At the same time, the target audience for each campaign is reduced, allowing the company to allocate part of its human and financial resources to other areas of vital importance.